Improved rotary dampers from ACE

In most cases, ACE rotary dampers provide an invisible, yet valuable service as maintenance-free machine elements for the controlled deceleration of rotary or linear movements. They often make it possible to gently open and close small lids, compartments and drawers, protecting sensitive components on the one hand and increasing the quality and value of products on the other. The harmoniously gentle movements of these little dampers can be achieved with continuous rotation or with limited pivoting angles. 

A constant damping force is generated in rotation with continuous rotary dampers. Transmission can take place directly on the axis of rotation or linearly via pinion and rack. With a max. speed of 50 rpm and a max. number of cycles of 10/min, the rotary dampers still have approx. 80 % of their braking torque after 50,000 cycles. Limited rotary dampers have a limited working angle. They are available with fixed or adjustable braking torque. The setting is made by turning an adjusting screw. The basic version brakes in both directions. A left-turning or right-turning braking version with free return is also offered as an option.

Advantages of our rotary dampers:

  • High level of protection of sensitive components
  • A variety of designs for every application
  • Maintenance-free and ready for installation
  • Adjustable rotary damping
  • Wide temperature application range
  • Available with a limited angle of rotation
Braking torques0.10 Ncm to 40 Nm
Braking directionsOn both side, right or left
Operational performance50,000 cycles (1 cycle = 360° left,
360° right)
Admissible temperature range -10 °C to +60 °C
Mounting positionOptional
Damping mediumSilicone oil
Scope of applicationFood industry, pharmaceutical engineering, clean room technology, medical technology, production and machining centres, machines and plants