Axial piston variable displacement pumps J-V

6 series, from 8cc to 70cc

With swash plate construction, are suitable for open loop circuits with adjustable or regulated delivery flow. These units are specially designed for use in industrial application.

Special Characteristics:

  • Low external noise levels across the entire pressure range because of specially developed mechanism and bearing design.
  • Fast response time and high repetition accuracy for pressure and delivery flow, reducing machine cycle times while at the same time improving reliability.
  • Simple first filling with hydraulic medium in mounted state without dismantling any lines, because of an extra locking screw.
  • Mechanical adjustment to allow adjustment of delivery flow to suit the application.
  • Simple construction for ease of service.

Control Devices

  • A - Pressure Compensator Control Mechanical adjustment.
  • ARC Remote Pressure Compensator by remote control pilot relief valve.
  • D Dual Pressure compensator Control electrically switched.
  • SA Combine flow and Pressure Compensator Control.
  • CH Combined control pressure and displacement with system pressure.
  • CJ Combined control pressure and displacement with solenoid valve.

Pressure Adjustment Range

  • A1 8-70 Bar
  • A2 15-140 Bar
  • A3 35-210 Bar
  • A4 35-250 Bar

Port position

  • Side(RX) or rear (R)
  • Pompe à piston axial J-V Daikin image

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