ROSSI reducers for extruders

Parallel and right angle shaft gear reducers and gearmotors equipped with auxiliary external support designed for single screw extruder coupling.Two support types available:

  •  «N» for normal loads,
  •  «H» for high loads.

Two gear reducer layout available:

  • «Z»: standard gear reducer with extruder support positioned on high speed shaft opposite side;
  • «U»: «long» gear reducer with extruder support and high speed shaft on the same gear reducer side;

The particular construction solution adopted allows the use of the standard gear reducer in order to grant:

  • high, reliable and tested performances;
  • high manufacturing quality standard;
  • «symmetrical» universal mounting suitable for different mounting positions;
  • rigid and precise cast iron single-piece housing with high oil capacity.

The gearmotor input side has been conceived to the high specific power motor needs (inverter duty motors), through:

  • extension of the motor coupling dimension range available for each gear reducer size;
  • motor coupling dimensions even not standardized according to standard IEC 60072-1;
  • motor fitting system through hub clamp and key.

Outstanding customization possibilities (even for accessories):

  • extruder support coupling dimensions of driven machine customizable (for number, position and dimension of the holes);
  • adaptation flange interposed between extruder support and extruder, for the maximum application versatility;
  • independent cooling unit with oil/water heat exchanger
  • for the simultaneous cooling of gear reducer and extruder support
  • which can be customized on request with protections, measuring instruments and alarm signals.

New cooling system adopting a fi nned and removable inner heat exchanger: no external volumes, great heat exchange effi ciency, allowing after-market installation and removal without gear reducer dismounting.