Hydraulic pumps

Hydro pump (hydraulic pump) is a hydraulic device that converts the mechanical energy of a drive motor into hydraulic energy (hydrostatic energy, i.e. pressure and flow).

Hydraulic pumps are the main element of the hydraulic system and are widely used in the construction industry, they are used to equip truck cranes and construction equipment, in the oil and gas and metallurgical industries, the railway industry, the wood processing industry, etc.

According to the type of construction, hydraulic pumps are divided into: hydrostatic (volumetric) and hydrodynamic.
In industrial and mobile hydraulics, in most cases, hydrostatic pumps are used, as they allow creating a large pressure in the system and, accordingly, obtaining more force, with sufficiently small dimensions.

Hydrostatic pumps, in turn, are divided into: gear, plate, piston.
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