Industrial hydraulic drives 

Central lubrication and greasing systems

BIBUS Ukraine provides the following services to users of industrial hydraulic drives and systems of centralized lubrication or greasing:

  • Inspection and diagnostics of hydraulic equipment to determine compliance of operating parameters with the parameters established by the manufacturer in technical specifications, diagrams and operating instructions for hydraulic and lubrication/greasing units.Checking the Cleanliness Class of the working fluid in accordance with world   standards.The purpose of the inspection is to increase the reliability of hydraulics operation and reduce the number of failures to a minimum.
  • Trouble shooting.The Determination of malfunctions of hydraulic systems using non-destructive testing devices.The final result of the determination is the elimination of malfunctions of hydraulic equipment and the development of measures for further exclusion of their repetition.
  • Provision of Supervision service during erection, commissioning or repairing of hydraulic systems, and for the correctness of its operation. “Supervision” as a professional supervision by the “BIBUS Ukraine” specialists for the fulfilment by Erection company of rules, technical requirements and relevant standards for installation, and commissioning of hydraulic equipment.Compliance with the Manufacturer's operating manuals and technical specifications by the Client's Operational Service.

Inspection and diagnostics

Inspection and diagnostics of hydraulic equipment, with the purpose of increasing the reliability of its operation and reducing the number of failures. 

Parameters of the Inspection:

•    Operating pressure of the system
•    Working pressure of main pumps
•    Operating flow of power pumps
•    Working pressure of circulation pumps
•    Temperature perameters of hydraulic unit 
•    Checking the level of the working fluid in the tank of hydraulic unit
•    Checking for the presence of abnormal noises in the operation of hydraulics
•    Inspection of the hydraulic unit filtering system and the “filter clogging” alarm of filter elements
•    Checking the functionality of hydraulic accumulators 
•    The current state of pipelines, supports and flexible hose lines 
•    Checking the Cleanliness Class of working fluids in hydraulic system
•    Evaluation of compatibility of working fluids for use with hydraulic equipment used in the corresponding hydraulic system

Trouble shooting

Malfunctions in hydraulic systems get to equipment stopages and extra costs. 

Often, users of hydraulic systems do not have special diagnostic equipment or the necessary experience in troubleshooting.
The Service Department of the "BIBUS Ukraine" company offers services for the inspection of a faulty hydraulic drive by authorized specialists. 

Professional experience in matters of the functionality of hydraulic systems will help to find the cause of failure and determine measures for repair and prevention of repeated occurrences of similar troubles in the future. 


BIBUS Ukraine  provides the SUPERVISION service to Clients who:

  1. Intend to purchase, install, provide the Commissioning procedure and operate industrial hydraulic systems and systems of centralized lubrication or  greasing. 
  2. To make the revamping or repair of hydraulic systems
  3. Intend to reduce the number of failures in hydraulic systems and increase the reliability of their operation. 

We offer:

  • Professional Supervision of Erection Companies and their compliance with technical requirements and relevant Standards regarding the installation of hydraulic systems.
  • Monitoring the process of cleaning (Flushing) the hydraulic pipelines after installation. Checking the Executor's Flushing Project.
  • Technical Assistance or direct Commissioning of hydraulic systems. 
  • Consultations on any issues related to the sphere of activity in the field of hydraulics.


Head of the Repair service:

Mr. Dmytro Overchuk

Mob: +38-097-108-42-59