About D.V.P. Vacuum Technology

Our business history begins with an intuition and a dream. Founder and creator is Mario Zucchini who built DVP (Dry Vacuum Pumps) anticipating times and customers' needs, believing in the importance of the vacuum technology market and investing in research. D.V.P. Vacuum Technology s.p.a. competes today on a global scale in the vacuum pumps and compressors sectors. Based in San Pietro in Casale (Bologna), D.V.P. has four branches in Europe and Latin America and a widespread sales network in every continent. 

Listening and caring of the customer represent a real business mission and reach the highest levels in unique solutions: products and processes customised upon specific requests and tailored through research, technology and innovation. For DVP people are always the center of every attention, starting from the environment through the realization of effective tools applied in different areas such as solar energy, waste disposal, oxygenation and water purification. 

Technology is for us an extraordinary growth, development and improvement opportunity fulfilled by DVP in the use of simulation software of the latest generation, in order to reduce the development time of new products. The most modern production equipments are used in our headquarters where the stock is indeed automatic, unattended and 24/7 operative.

Mr. Anton Zakotenko
Mob: +38-098-697-34-85