Oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps D.V.P. Vacuum Technology

These pumps consist of a rotor in an eccentric position rotating inside of a cylindrical body. This rotor is equipped with channelings in which the vanes are inserted. During the rotation, as a consequence of the centrifugal force, the vanes are pushed in contact with the body, creating close spaces that increase their volume beckoning air from the container to be emptied and expelling it from the outlet. If used as a compressor, the aspirated air is conducted to the outlet.

Oil-free rotary vane pumps can run continuously both at atmospheric pressure and at the highest vacuum. However, they cannot be used when the aspirated air contains moisture, oil or other liquids traces. At a certain pressure the rotary compressors benefit of supplying air without pulsations. Thus, they don't need a storage tank.


The main application fields include: suction cup movements, automatic machines for packaging, woodworking machines, wood presses, plastic material presses, banknote counting machines. In construction they are used in sprinkler for plaster, low pressure printing machineries, pneumatic conveyor systems.


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