Hydraulic coolers

Hydraulic oil cooler (oil cooler, heat exchanger, radiator) - is a technical device which transferring out the heat between two media having different temperatures. 

The oil cooler protects all components of the hydraulic system from premature wear and prevents a drop in operating pressure as a result of oil overheating due to intense workloads, ensures long-term operation of the system in a stationary mode and operation at high ambient temperatures. The oil cooler effectively cools the working fluid of the hydraulic system and automatically maintains the operating temperature of the oil in the hydraulic system at the same level (ranging from 65⁰C to 40⁰C).

Our advantages:

  • The perfect combination of European quality with the best prices;
  • Selection of a cooler for an individual task;
  • Selection of counterparts of a cooler from another manufacturer (AKG, Aroflex, AVI, Bondioli & Pavesi, Bosch Rexroth, Bowman, Cymax, Duplomatic, Dynacool, Emmegi, Flovex, Flowfit, Fluid Team, Funke, Hydac, KTR, Leemin, Lytron, MX Machinery, Olaer, OMT, Parker, Scoda, Sesino, Universal Hydraulik, Vickers);
  • Availability in stock of the most popular models of coolers.

BIBUS Ukraine can offer you the following types of coolers:


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