Screw jacks

Our suppliers (Enzfelder Thomson Neff) in the lifting, handling and linear applications can offer a complete range of modern solutions. The lifting equipment is also available with trapezoid spindle and ball screw; with moving nut or moving spindle design. The latest products for the CAD and CAE technologies have been designed and are manufactured with the latest CNC machines, which guarantee the safety and long life.

 Products characteristics:

  •      Synchron movement is possible with uneven loads in case of using severel units,
  •      In still position under certain circumstences self-locking is possible (avaiable with brake engine),
  •      Synchronous motor drive or handwheel operation
  •      Precise measurement and adjustment is possible,
  •      Can be mounted in all positions,
  •      Operates in wide temperature range (-30 +80 C),
  •      5 - 500K force range is available,
  •      The units can be fixed against turning,
  •      If desired safety nut mounted
  •      A lot of additional extra (protecting bellow, motor flange, handwheel, fastenings, ..) is available.


  • machine building
  • presses
  • lifting tablest
  • theaters
  • work tables
  • canal locks
  • Thomson lifting, handling & linear applications

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