The new suction lance generation, the eloLance, from elobau is now available in Ukraine

The eloLance is the new suction lance generation that offers you everything to make your systems and machines more efficient and reduce your workload.

➡️ One of the many advantages of the eloLance is its modular system for various options for individual adaption. One of these options is the one or two switching points.

For easy changeover, it is also compatible with the previous elobau suction lances.

The eloLance is used for the perfect fluid extraction - and offers various advantages:

  • Seal-free design
  • Low extraction point
  • Easy handling due to ergonomical head
  • 1 or 2 switching points possible: pre-empty and empty switching point
  • High resistance due to optimised wall thickness for components in contact with media
  • Clamping cone for variable height adjustment
  • Horizontal hose and cable outlet
  • Ball leakage brake

Fields of application for the eloLance:

  • Professional dishwashers
  • Medical/industrial washers
  • Car washes
  • Cleaning machines
  • Dosing technology, water treatment and pool technology

Find more information about eloLance: link