Sneeze guards to boost hygiene and safety

Our solutions for sneeze and cough protection offer enhanced hygiene and safety for you and your staff. Available as a countertop or full-height guard in three standard sizes or as a made-to-measure solution for your specific application – for example, as a sneeze guard for service stations, supermarkets, retailers and catering businesses.

The benefits of our PET-G plastic panels:

  • Suitable for cleaning and disinfection with alcohol-based cleaners, without resulting in stress cracks or clouding
  • Considerably higher impact resistance, excellent transparency and enhanced colour fidelity
  • Excellent chemical resistance and also suitable for outdoor use thanks to UV resistance

Sneeze guards in various designs

  • Countertop Guard (large) – KL10028162-1 (Art.Nr.: 0.0.703.27)

          Dimensions (width/height/depth): 1500 mm x 1000 mm x 350 mm

  • Countertop Guard (small) – KL10028125-1 (Art.Nr.: 0.0.703.26)

          Dimensions (width/height/depth): 750 mm x 1000 mm x 350 mm

  • Full-Height Guard with Shelf – KL10028167-1 (Art.Nr.: 0.0.703.28)

          Dimensions (width/height/depth): 750 mm x 2100 mm x 650 mm

  • Easily adjustable, frameless transparent partition – KL10028221-1 (Art.-Nr.: 0.0.703.54)

          Dimensions (width/height/depth): 969 mm x 805 mm x 350 mm

Custom made solutions with PET-G plastic panels

  • Modular counter protection with dispensing chute– KL10028309-1 (Art.-Nr.: 0.0.703.52)

          Dimensions (width/height/depth): 2298 mm x 2096 mm x 500 mm

  • Three-sided protective wall for the checkout area with service opening– KL10028261-1 (Art.-Nr.: 0.0.703.53)

          Dimensions (width/height/depth): 1100 mm x 2200 mmx 750 mm

  • Made to measure

          If none of the solutions shown here are suitable for your specific application, we will work with you to develop something appropriate. Please send a              no-obligation enquiry to our sales team using the form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch with you.

Example applications for standard-sized solutions



Countertop guard (large):

This countertop guard’s width of 1.5 metres makes it ideal as a sneeze guard on large counters in pharmacies, hotels and doctors’ surgeries.


Countertop guard (small):

At 75 centimetres wide, this sneeze guard is perfect for mounting on counters in kiosks or supermarkets, for example, or wherever space is at a premium.


Full-height guard with shelf:

At over 2 metres high, this guard can be used wherever staff come into contact with customers while standing – for example, as a sneeze guard at a restaurant entrance or when accepting a job at a car workshop.


Modular counter protection with dispensing chute:

As protection at serving counters, multiple segments can be joined together in any length. They provide the necessary distance and ensure hygiene through transparent panes made of shatterproof PET-G. The inclined serving shaft ensures the contact-free dispensing of goods at a bakery, kiosk or supermarket.


Three-sided protective wall for the checkout area with service opening:

The protective wall increases safety for cashiers by means of a three-sided spit guard made of shatterproof PET-G. The service opening allows for the use of terminals for cashless payments in supermarkets. The height and length of the transparent protective screens can be easily adjusted to the height of the checkout counter and the conveyor belt. The dimensions of the ready-to-use solution are suitable for many current checkout designs.


Easily adjustable, frameless transparent partition:

The protective pane made of clear, impact-resistant polymer (PET-G) is held by two stands at the sides. The clamps for surface mounting make it very easy to adjust the height of the screen in a few seconds. This means that the partition can either be flush with the bottom or leave a gap.

Hand Sanitiser Stand in two sizes – the perfect complement to sneeze guards

Regular and thorough hand washing is important for health and hygiene, particularly when it comes to catering, but also generally. However, this isn’t always practical everywhere. In such situations, disinfection is the recommended alternative. A stand for hand sanitiser is thus the perfect complement to cough and sneeze guards. Like Countertop and Full-Height Guards, our Hand Sanitiser Stands are delivered preassembled.

Choose the optimum size for your specific application

  • Hand Sanitiser Stand (large) with Drip Tray and Document Holder (A3 format) for Displaying Hygiene Information – KL10028208-1 (Art.Nr.: 0.0.703.29)

     Dimensions (width/height/depth): 600 mm x 1825 mm x 630 mm

  • Hand Sanitiser Stand (small) with Drip Tray – KL10027736-1 (Art.Nrn.: 0.0.703.30)

     Dimensions: Height 1110 mm, Base Plate Ø 400 mm


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