Liquid oiling station

Liquid oiling station (сirculating oiling station) is an oil station designed to provide continuous circulating oiling, filtration and cooling of bearing units of crushers, mills, large centrifugal fans, smoke exhausters and their drive motors with liquid oil. Oiling stations can also be used in other installations, the technical characteristics and circulation oiling cycle of which correspond to the technical characteristics of such oil stations. 

A reserve oil supply system is provided in the oil station for liquid oiling. If the main pump unit fails and the operating pressure drops, a signal is sent to the control system about an insufficient level of operating pressure and the backup pump is automatically switched on. 

Liquid oiling station set (standard): 

  • Oil tank with "calmener", filler neck, breather, level indicator
  • Pressure pipeline, drain
  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Valves and throttles
  • Filters: suction, pressure, automatic scraper
  • Oil heater, heater (to provide the required oil temperature)
  • Oil pressure sensors
  • Oil temperature sensors
  • Oil level sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Rate sensors
  • Heat exchanger: air, water or chiller
  • Ball valves

An automatic control system for a liquid oiling station can also be manufactured and supplied as a set at the request of the customer. Such a system is designed to automate the following operations to choose from: 

  • starting/stopping one of the pumps providing the supply of oiling fluid, depending on various conditions agreed with the customer;
  • control of consumption and availability of oiling fluid in oiling units;
  • control of temperature;
  • control of oiling pressure at various points of the system;
  • filter clogging control;
  • submission of emergency and warning signals to the system control panel or to any other place;
  • any additional automation required by the customer to control and automate the process. 

Equipment used for the production of control systems: ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bredley), Lovato Electric, Овен.

Here you can calculate, design and buy a liquid oiling station to solve tasks of any complexity.

Our company has taken up the development, assembly and production of oiling stations relatively recently, but we already have a number of projects that we have successfully completed.



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