Size 1/4", max. discharge volume 11,7l/min

The air operated double diaphragm pumps are suitable for transferring hazardous liquid without special explosion protection. Also no moving or rotating parts are in liquid contact ends which pump can be handled abrasive and corrosive liquid without problem.

Ten Features of Yamada Diaphragm Pump: 

  • Handles a wide variety of fluids with high solids content: No close fitting or rotating parts so liquid with high solids content and/or size can be easily pumped.
  • Self Priming: The Yamada pump design (incorporating internal check valves) allows for high suction lift even at dry start-up and with heavier fluids.
  • Ability to run dry: No close fittings or sliding parts are at risk - the pump can run dry without damage.
  • Variable flow rate and discharge pressure: Yamada pumps will run at any setting within their operating range simply by adjusting the air inlet pressure and system conditions. One pump can fit a broad spectrum of applications.
  • Portable/Simple Installation: Yamada pumps transport easily to the application site. Simply connect your air supply line and liquid lines; the pump is ready to perform. There are no complex controls to install and operate.
  • Dead Head: Because the discharge pressure can never exceed air inlet pressure, the discharge line can be closed with no damage or wear. The pump will simply slow down and stop.
  • Shear sensitive: The gentle nature and minimal parts contact with the liquid makes Yamada pumps an excellent choice for shear sensitive fluids.
  • Explosion Proof: Yamada pumps are operated by compressed air, therefore, they are intrinsically safe.
  • Submersible: If external components are compatible – Yamada pumps can be submerged in the liquid by simply running the exhaust line above the liquid level.
  • Pumping efficiency remains constant: There are no rotors, gears or pistons which wear over time and lead to the gradual decline in performance/flow rate.

Principle of operation

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